Recycle Consultants is your authorized Sweed Machinery stocking distributor.

Recycle Consultants is your single source for Sweed recycling equipment and consulting. We offer equipment and consulting services to the metal forming and fabricating industries covering strip processing, rollforming, welded tube, extrusion, stamping, wire drawing, cable, etc. We also service metal scrap processing centers and wire recycling operations. Wood and pallet recycling solutions are also available. Specialized environmental services are available for any industry in need. We are proud to be your official and authorized Sweed Machinery stocking distributor.

For Sweed choppers and other products, we service the following States and Provinces:

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Eastern Michigan, and Ontario Canada.


Sweed model 400    Sweed model 450    Sweed model 510    Sweed model 512    Sweed model 5400

Sweed Machinery: A trusted name in scrap reduction and processing equipment

Sweed Machinery has been building quality scrap processing equipment since 1956. 

Sweed is known in the industry as the superior choice in providing: the latest technology, quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service and excellent after-sale support for their line of scrap chopping solutions. Since 1956, Sweed’s recycling equipment has gained prominence in a wide range of industries. Sweed scrap choppers and separation systems help company’s eliminate their manufacturing by-products; keeping scrap materials out of landfills and helping companies achieve their recycling goals. With an ever-expanding list of scrap materials requiring to be processed, Sweed choppers have proven to be dependable in managing scrap recycling needs.


Specialized Environmental Services

Environmental Services are available in the lower 48 States.

In-Plant Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Material Accidents

Spill Cleanup

DOT-Permitted Hazardous Waste Transporter

PCB Cleanup

Radioactive Decontamination

Dust Controlled Concrete Removal

Tank Cleaning/Closure

Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Pressure Cleaning

Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum

Facility Closure Restoration

Waste Water Treatment

Soil Remediation

Landfill Closure

Vapor Extraction/Soil Venting Systems

Remediation Planning

Contaminated copper and aluminum wire recycling and disposal


Electrical Services


Energized Substation Painting

ASTM Diagnostic Oil Sampling and Analysis

PCB Equipment Re-Certification / Replacement / Disposal

Complete PCB Management services


Approximate 2-3 Hour Regional Emergency Response Radius

Preplanned services outside of indicated service areas are also available. 

Contact us for details.


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