Stamping Operations


Materials processed in the stamping industry:

Steel strapping-Models 400, 450, and larger.

Stamping skeletons - Models vary per capacity and material thickness.

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Running a metal stamping operation requires speed and safety. The stamping skeleton is directly fed into a chopper as it exits the stamping press. The choppers are set up to correspond with the speed of the stamping press. The chopped material ends up in a scrap container on its own, minimizing worker risk to cutting themselves or throwing their backs out. The steel banding that is associated with the coils that are fed into the stamping presses is also better off if it is chopped, rather than sitting on the floor waiting to injure someone or half filling a scrap hopper. By chopping the stamping skeletons and associated metal banding, you will achieve a higher scrap container compaction rate and will also increase the value of your scrap. This minimizes worker contact and will put more money into the company profit column! 

A typical stamping skeleton going into a Sweed Model 510.

The result. The guard has been removed from the machine for image clarity.


Another stamping skeleton: before and after. This was fed into a Sweed Model 450.  

Even the nasty up-turned tabs were no match for the chopper feed works!