Wood and Lumber


Materials processed in the wood and lumber industry:

Steel strapping-Models 400, 450, and larger.

Plastic/poly banding-Models 400 WM, 400 Quad, 510, and 510 Quad.

Band saw blades-Models 450 and larger.

Veneer and Panel Handling Equipment

Whether your primary business is timber processing, pallet building, or fine-furniture manufacturing, efficient disposal of metal and plastic strapping is a major concern. Put an end to damaged equipment and injured workers. Clean up valuable shop space. With strategically placed Sweed Choppers, the dangerous and troublesome by-products of your business can be quickly and efficiently processed for safe, easy recycling. Stop paying to have your metal banding hauled away and have a scrap dealer pay you for it. A full 30 yard dumpster of banding is really the volume of two 55 gallon drums. That is a lot of wasted dumpster space you are paying for to have hauled away! A 55 gallon drum full of cut metal banding sells for about $50 dollars.